Lisa and Jo. The pair behind Crafty Pear

Lisa and Jo. The pair behind Crafty Pear

We met for the first time at a playgroup in 2009 with our toddlers when we were both pregnant with our second children. We immediately hit it off and both us and the children have remained friends ever since.

We came from very different work backgrounds. Lisa was a vet so she swapped the operating table for cutting table and suturing for a sewing machine. Jo brings a creative flare having worked in costume and wig departments on tour and on West End productions such as 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' and 'Grease'.

Crafty Pear evolved from a mutual love of creativity, sewing and fabrics which led to us getting together to make things for our school craft fair. As our youngest children started nursery and then school we found we had more time to devote to it and the business slowly grew.

It was when we were given the fantastic opportunity to have a stall on Greenwich Market with a group of other designer maker Mums that we felt it could be more than a hobby.

Did the balance of work and children factor into your decision to create your own business?

Yes, we have both always said that our first job is always to be a Mum. Making all our clothes, sourcing fabrics, keeping up an online presence and manning the shop, all within the school day is certainly a challenge!

We love our time together working as designers and creators and both get very excited about searching our new fabrics. There's nothing more satisfying than seeing the transformation from the fabric on the roll to an item of clothing, especially when you spot a child wearing something you've made!

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